Barsparta is a calisthenics and functional fitness organisation from London, originally started in April 2014 by co founders: Anthony Ferguson, Jay Chris and Lydia Mok… After they all met by chance in a North London workout park and discovered each other’s equal passion for one thing… BARS!!

Since then, with a lot of hard work.. and a lot of fun! We have evolved into experts in our sport and have managed to build a unique and diverse 16 member SQUAD, many of us now being qualified personal trainers. We are also proud to boast some of the best calisthenics athletes in the UK, competing on some of the biggest street workout competitions and events in the WORLD!

In addition to competing, our athletes have taught workshops in countries all over Europe and even as far as Asia & the U.S.A. We have taught thousands of people correct form and progressions to their first MUSCLE UP, handstand, HUMAN FLAG, front & back lever and so many other signature calisthenics moves. Our most recent projects include a purposely built calisthenics gym based in The Kingdom of Bahrain which wouldn’t of been possible without our partners at Barsparta Middle East. We also run regular adult sessions in our home town of London (contact for information) as well as plans for new children’s classes, plus our very own gym to be opened!!

Going forward, our plans for the future are SIMPLE…

We want to continue improving, learning and spreading our brand /services and MOST importantly LOVE… Of our amazing sport of street workout and optimal training style of calisthenics.. With the hope of showing as many people as we can, what truly is possible with just your OWN BODY… If you just put your MIND to it!